MUN India website status update

This post is to inform that MUN India ( website has been suspended by our service provider due to heavy SQL server load. We are trying to solve this issue as soon as possible. Notice from our service provider: “Your was causing heavy load on server due to sql database, In order to prevent server … Continue reading

Batman or Joker?

You must have seen The Dark Knight. I had seen it for 4 times I think, until at lunch a random conversation, a random scream of words sparked a series of thoughts in my head and I decided to watch it for the 5th time. And to my surprise, I have a slightly different perspective … Continue reading

This is a rant

Yes, this is a rant. You should leave now if you don’t like complains. Although, this isn’t much of a complaint but a scream for help, for team leaders, managers and the members of the just-get-it-done-I-don’t-care-if-it-looks-ugly club to open their eyes to quality, and more specifically a world of things that are beautiful. I haven’t … Continue reading

The Elements of Design: Part 2

The Elements of Design: Part 2

Color Color adds the magic element to a design. They represent a common language of communication. Each color has a mood, an emotion and different levels of significance. It plays a huge role in design and right color choices can bring about drastic changes in contrast. Colors can reflect warm or cool, hard or soft, … Continue reading

Originally posted on Geek's Retreat:
My previous posts on HTML5’s canvas implementation have simply drawn a static image; be it a thermometer, speedometer or a map.  This post blends together the various methods covered in the aforementioned posts to draw an animated compass.  This is achieved by adding two elements to the canvas.  These…