Where it all began.

I am not the writing kind, but I do think. A lot! I talk, to people, to myself. I explore technology as it fascinates me. I love typing lines and lines of code. They puzzle me. I remember my school days when i was learning Visual Basic 6. I loved it. It was amazing. I remember doing crazy things. I made a small virus that would corrupt the Boot Manager and leave your PC unbootable. I’d put that on my school’s network and then ask my friends to run it and boom! Lab classes canceled. Teachers were never able to understand it and juniors would be blamed. That was fun. I made softwares to make my work easier: a media player that could store playlists, save playlists, edit, and delete playlists. That wasn’t a tough thing to do though, as VB has a lot of things packed ready. Others included indexing software (that could index all the files present in a DVD, making it easier for me to find them), a fancy auto-run application, a key-logger (yes! the one that can log your Gmail and Facebook password) and more.

Those were the days when I learnt this is where I belong. I began experimenting with VB6, doing crazy stuff. Out of a wild idea (and inspired by the work of sis), I installed Photoshop and converted a sketch i made into a full color picture. From web designing, I slowly moved to web development, learned HTML, CSS, Javascript (a scripting language I so hate) and most importantly PHP. I dug deep into PHP, moved from simple function based development to OOPs. Since then, I’ve worked in several Web Projects, been involved in many more and have co-founded MUN India, I look forward to learn advanced technologies (like frameworks) used in PHP and parallely expand my skills in other domains (Network Security interests me the most).

This blog is an initiative to help me get my words out, that would rather stay shut inside. And help my friends and followers to solve day to day issues they have with computers, making aware them of things around and more.


9 thoughts on “Where it all began.

  1. the scul dayss wen v learnt vb6….. … can nevr 4get dose days.. bt dint kno abt dat virus thingy…. even i luvd vb…. it was soooooo user frndly compard to java n evry oder language……. lykd ur posts…. 1ce i ws also lyk u..bt being abstaind 4m coding 4 a long tym….m not dat gud now….. ….. feels gud 2 read all dat…. gud wrk… nevr knew dat such a talent was hidden amngst uss…… my best wishes r wid u… keep it up…… all d bsttttt

    • Yeah. Can never forget those days. They were the best. The virus thing was only known to a few friends. Akshay and a few more. Yes VB definitely was user friendly, a lot! And you can always pick it up again. If need be, or you like to.

      Thanks a ton. ((:

  2. Shikhar bhayya:You really inspire me a lot……I too have a gr8 interest in network security…Your blogs are really interesting bhayya…..Good Luck….

    • I’m humbled. Thanks. We’ll do something about Network Security, lets get done with the web part first. In later seasons of Tech-League we can move to network security or something depending upon the interest.

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