So this is what i am going to do.

Yes, this is it. Enough time wasted scrolling up and down the facebook wall, enough time spent on going through hundreds of pages and courses. It won’t work. For a simple fact that our brain is a book shelf. It will keep all the book in there but what use is of a book shelf if you don’t pick them up and read? It will catch dust, period. That is how our brain works.

I won’t make a schedule anymore, nor will i make detailed notes like i used do. Here is what I’m going to do.


Yes. I will teach. teaching is the most effective form of learning and that is how i am going to learn more.

From now onwards, I’m going to write regular blogs on subjects covering following areas:

  • Graphic/UI Design: Graphic design principles, theories, concepts, photoshop, illustrator, and more
  • PHP: Not basics but OOP, Design Patterns, SaaS, Building and deploying applications, Tools and more
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms

I’m not an expert in any of the above mentioned subjects rather these are the subjects I’m exploring right now. I’ll try to teach what I’ve learned in past 2 years but most importantly what I’ll be doing is posting what I’ve learned that particular day along with all the research i did while studying that particular thing. And more if there is. These posts will be more like my online note i think but this is how i can learn more.

I will do this. This is not a plan, but how I am going to learn. Hopefully, how we all are going to learn, together. I will try to put up at least 2-3 post a week. Wish me luck.

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