Beginning with Graphic Design

In my last post i talked about how we’ll begin learning advanced concepts in PHP and the list of topics that we’ll study. But it isn’t just PHP that fascinates me. Design fascinates me even more. Although i have noticed, the part of my brain that deals with design falls asleep after midnight, no matter what! Anyways, this post and the posts that will follow under this category, is for everyone who has just begun graphic designing and wants to learn more about it.

I’m not an expert myself nor do i have a degree in this field but I’ve been working on graphic design for over 3 years now and have acquired & developed skills that i will share with you through this blog. If Graphic Design is your career option, i would strongly recommend you to join a design academy. If you choose to learn it all by yourself, there are several books and other resources available that can get you started.

Following is the list of topics that we will be studying:

  • Introduction
  • Design Basics
    • The Principles of Design
    • The Elements of Design
    • Color Theory
    • Typography
    • Grid Theory
    • Pixels and Vectors
  • Software & Tools
  • Designing for Print
  • Designing for Internet
    • Technologies and Terms
    • User Interface Design

Graphic design is a tricky business. It will take sometime to develop your creativity & skills and like every other field, it requires a lot of practice. It is a broad field and you’ll have to find that particular area that interests you the most. The introductory post (Topic 1 in above list) will help you decide.

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5 thoughts on “Beginning with Graphic Design

  1. Hi..i would like to learn graphics design by following ur blog
    bt i hav no initial knowledge abt this ..and wud hav 2 begin wid basics
    so if u cud suggest me whr to start from

    • The most basic tools/applications we use in Digital Graphic Design is Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop/Corel Draw. You may start with exploring any of these applications (preferably Photoshop or Illustrator). Some online tutorials & trail and error will get you started with the user interface and how the application work. Meanwhile you can follow this blog to learn about various concepts involved, theories you must know you create pixel perfect graphic and more. Practice is the key here.

      You may try looking at some books (VIT’s library is full of them, look for books on Photoshop CS4/CS3/CS2) or online tutorials by lynda.

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