Posted in April 2012

Originally posted on Geek's Retreat:
The canvas element is part of HTML5.  It allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes.  It allows a developer to draw just as an artist would on their canvas; albeit, without the same creative flare an artist may have.  As I’m a developer I couldn’t resist having an…

Innovative Graphic Design Examples

Print Design Aquafresh This Aquafresh ad makes a strong point with this sad looking guy and a concept. The Economist The Economists are known for their innovative ads, like this one, delivering a sharp message. Nikon Nikon’s comical approach to marketing. Coca Cola Coca Cola introducing its Light drink with creatively. Volvo How else could … Continue reading

Introduction to Graphic Design

There can only be a few people in present world not touched by information and design technology. Computers are everywhere and everything is being digitized. And this process has drastically changed the way human beings interact. Virtually all forms of information be it sound, image, text, video or any other form can be digitized and … Continue reading

Setting up a PHP development environment

Before we begin talking about PHP, let us setup the environment we’ll be working in. What I mean by that is we’ll install all the necessary software that is required to run PHP and make it easier for us to develop PHP applications. So, what do we need to begin developing PHP applications? Operating System … Continue reading