Innovative Graphic Design Examples

Print Design


This Aquafresh ad makes a strong point with this sad looking guy and a concept.

The Economist

The Economists are known for their innovative ads, like this one, delivering a sharp message.


Nikon’s comical approach to marketing.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola introducing its Light drink with creatively.


How else could Volvo have made the point that we spend as much time in our cars as we do in our living rooms, any better than floor plans?

Grid Based Design

12 in 12 – A project by Craig Oldham

Look at how the grids are used to make the impression of number 1 and 2.

Everything in it’s right place

Poster by Felix Lobelius.

Design for Web

Smart! Grupo Creativo

A highly innovative grid based design of this Creative Group


A extremly creative web design for product marketing

Jackson & Kent

Another beautiful example of grid based interactive web design

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