A great article on HTML5’s Canvas element by Ray Hammond. The HTML5 element is used to draw graphics, on the fly, via javascript.

Geek's Retreat

HTML5The canvas element is part of HTML5.  It allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes.  It allows a developer to draw just as an artist would on their canvas; albeit, without the same creative flare an artist may have.  As I’m a developer I couldn’t resist having an attempt.  They first step was to come up with a project to do.  Not being that creative I decided to draw a speedometer – similar to the ones we see in most cars.  Initially it sounded quite simple, although, I did find parts quite tricky.  This was due to my less than impressive maths skills and inexperience with the Canvas implementation. I’ll start with the end result and then explain how the parts of the speedometer were rendered.  With any luck some skilled mathematician will be able to explain the maths I’ve used because I have managed to get it working without fully understanding the mathematical theory…

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