Microsoft Surface is what a Tablet should be.

So you have an iPad. Or any other tablet. What do you do with it? Apart from showing off, asking your friends and family to check this cool thing out, play games, get your kids one too for summer holidays and more. Till this day no one has figured out the true use of tablets. It is merely a cool gadget, not a penny more. I couldn’t figure it out, technology critics couldn’t figure it out, users couldn’t figure it out, world couldn’t figure it out. But more than a million of them are sold, for what?

Like everything else today technology, hardware as well as software are judged more on the basis of how they change the social image of a person, how cool they make them. iPhone is a great phone but iPad a great tablet? Many would say yes but many don’t use it as a computing device. And I am not only talking about iPad but every other tablet that exists in the market today. They are merely a replacement for browsing web and playing games. In no way they form the true basis of mobile computing. It is for this reason that I have never wanted a tablet.

But with Microsoft Surface, there is a good chance that things will change.

I am a big fan of Microsoft since forever. I wouldn’t say Microsoft is not lagging behind Apple and Google but what Microsoft has done is revolutionary. Windows has been unbeatable since almost always. The OS is unmatched, most brilliant general purpose software ever created in human history. And with Windows 8, a new set of pages might just be on the verge of being added to its book of history.

Windows 8 is a true multi-platform OS. It can power PCs, Laptops, Tablets and the wonderfully integrated Metro UI on Windows 7.5 Mango mobile OS delivers a clear message of uniformity in design, completing the experience of Windows over different devices.

The hardware of Surface is premium and strong. Surface is very well thought and is made to give tablets its true meaning. The touch cover which is also a complete keyboard with touchpad and the stand on the back transforms it into an ultrabook in seconds. And with Windows 8 powering the device you have access to those millions of application that you run on your PCs and Laptops. Isn’t that what a tablet is supposed to do? Give you the exact same power you had on your Laptop/PC. You can use MS Office, Microsoft Live services, Play games and more.

And the even amazing thing is the 2nd model of Surface that runs Windows 8 Pro. It is packed with Intel Core i5 processor, graphics and everything you’d expect from an ultrabook. It makes this tiny device a house full of power. With this much power, you can do almost anything you’d want to do with your laptop, be it editing Hi-res photos on Photoshop, developing applications or play games. Now, would you not call this a true tablet? A device that makes a tablet what it should be? What it was imagined to be!

In my last post I said my next Laptop is going to be a Mac but with the launch of Microsoft Surface, I have changed my mind. My next computing device is going to be Surface (the one powered with Windows 8 Pro).

Surface is a device that is not just the next cool thing but a correct definition of tablets. Though Microsoft still has to improve on many things to make this device hit Apple and Google (which is about to launch its own 7in tablet) hard.

As I said I have been a huge fan of Microsoft since the beginning. With the rise of cloud services and Google Docs, Microsoft launched its own Cloud service, SkyDrive. SkyDrive offers Office Web apps, complete MS Office online, yes the exact same thing (well, almost). You tell me, can Google Docs beat MS Office (the one you use of desktops)? It can’t, if all you are talking about is Office. But if you are talking about Cloud services, SkyDrive is far behind. The seamless integration Google offers between Gmail, Calendar, Docs and other services beats Microsoft’s online services to death. Many of you would have not even heard of SkyDrive before.

If you have used Office Web Apps you would realize how powerful the thing is. Problem is poor integration, lack of innovation and “attention” is throwing this amazing thing back. Microsoft is sitting on a powerful online application; all it needs is improving these individual services and make them one. It is a simple idea and all that Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Hotmail and other online services need.

If that happens, imagine this: a world where Windows 8 is everywhere, tablets, PCs, Mobiles, Laptops, and Living Rooms in the form of Xbox with services that is one, and are connected to each other via a common user interface (Metro), online services and more. With over a billion PCs and Laptops running on Windows, does it seem too far-fetched? May be it does but is it not possible? I would agree that Windows Mobile OS is not as powerful as Android but Windows 8 is expected to bring a new face to the world of personal computing, may be that will be a start.

May be I am talking non-sense right now as the truth is, Microsoft is fading. Windows 8, Surface and upcoming Xbox 720 is what holds promise for Microsoft. And if it fails, Microsoft will fail. But it won’t fail. For a clear reason that as of today more than 1 billion computing devices are running on a OS that cannot be replaced.

As a big Microsoft fan, I expect Microsoft to get back on its feet; I want to see that era when Microsoft and Apple were the topics of heated debates. That era has clearly gone and Apple is a crowned winner. But that doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft has the power, the tools and skills to bring it back and I hope that happens someday.

With the revolution that Microsoft Surface is, those days might not be so far away.

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