This is a rant

Yes, this is a rant. You should leave now if you don’t like complains. Although, this isn’t much of a complaint but a scream for help, for team leaders, managers and the members of the just-get-it-done-I-don’t-care-if-it-looks-ugly club to open their eyes to quality, and more specifically a world of things that are beautiful.

I haven’t written a post in almost a year or two. I have been terribly busy, trying to find my place, learning new things and working with some great innovative teams. My college life is almost over and in the past two years, I have rediscovered things, met many new people, great people, most of them I’d called artists of their fields, worked on several new projects and learned a great deal of things. One of the most productive times of life.

But among those many teams I have met people who drove me crazy! To the extent that I felt hitting my head against the wall would be less painful. Reason? Their sense of quality work.

Are we moving too fast in the world? Or is it the time that is moving too fast and we can’t catch up? I thought time is steady, and that our position in this world is defined by the quality of work we do. Is it not?

I can’t tolerate using an application that looks ugly. I can’t stand it, even if it works. And I can’t stand those managers, team leaders who would ask their team to use or anyone for that matter who would prefer using an application that looks so ugly that even Voldemort can be appreciated in comparison. You might think wouldn’t it matter more that an application works rather than it being beautiful? The answer is yes. That is the first criteria. But it looking good is an equally important criteria. Make note – EQUALLY IMPORTANT.

That sentiment, that desire to have something (anything it may be) work well, deliver what it must and be beautiful goes deeper than one might imagine. It isn’t just about the product but about everything in one’s life and surrounding. It is a driving force that needs no external motivation. And it goes beyond products. It defines how things around you work, how the teams you lead work and how you work. Isn’t that what sets apart a great team and a mediocre one? I think it does, correct me if I’m wrong.

Working in teams where getting a job done takes priority over how it has been done has taught me a good deal of what separates a talented team from the rest. And if I have to blame it on someone, I will blame it on the team leader. He/She is what drives the team and if that person is not internally driven to make great products, the team will never make great products.

It suffocates me to see something being given preference when they lack quality. And it suffocates me even more when everyone in the team is driven to just get things done. Not an A-team. And it is hard to battle in such situations for sense. It changes the work environment; no motivation, no competition, and unnecessary politics. Would you want to work at such a place? Such places drive me crazy.

Would you eat food that looks delicious but is awful? Or food that looks rotten and stinks but tastes good? None right? It is a universal things, it is what drives great people.

If you are reading this, please make note – how products look and how it behaves matter equally, like one complete being.  And it would matter to you too if you want to make great products and not just get the job done.


Image cerdits @zhgun

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