Batman or Joker?

You must have seen The Dark Knight. I had seen it for 4 times I think, until at lunch a random conversation, a random scream of words sparked a series of thoughts in my head and I decided to watch it for the 5th time. And to my surprise, I have a slightly different perspective of our world now.

Up until yesterday I used to believe this world is made of right and wrong, truth and lies, win and loss. I knew there was an in between to all of this, world isn’t simply a two faced coin, quiet obvious. But right now, I don’t think it has a face at all. What is truth really? It certainly is not the same as fact. Truth is relative. A version of each of our own. Too many random version I’d say, and when you put too many random things together, it becomes one, it becomes normal. What is right to me, is wrong to someone else, my truth is someone else’s lie and my win might actually be my loss and I wouldn’t even know.

I idolize my dad. If it wasn’t for him, for the things he taught me and for the things he didn’t, I wouldn’t have been who I am today. But then is he a good man? He is the greatest man I know. But I know his bad as much as I know his good. At an early age I started making a list in my head of things I don’t want to learn from him. Not just him but every man and women I have met till this date. I am an ensemble of characters, which I believe is the good of people who made an influence in my life. But again, good is a relative term. I might just be an ensemble of all the bad I have seen in people. Who would know? So if all the morals we live by, and including the highest conflict, the conflict of the value of one’s life i.e. taking one’s life, are relative (we go to war, don’t we?), what is the fact? The prime truth and meaning of all of this? Isn’t it just one big mess or as the joker would say, Chaos?

I don’t believe this world is about truth and lies and the in between anymore. And I don’t believe it is about individual life values either; and grand parties, loud music, lack of consciousness never made sense. Neither did this life long search for happiness or stability or truth whatever it may be for you. Why work so much if the ultimate conclusion is only death? Might as well get it over with today without an enormous amount of suffering or cancer or an accident or a loss much bigger than all of this.

The one thing that I know for sure as of this moment is that there is no character to this world. To each of our own, it means something else which everyone else wouldn’t know about. The constant process as we all know is change and every one of us, we keep changing day and night to fit into our shoes, never tiring, invisibly. Our true character only comes out when our sense of world has been trashed and we have been left in crisis or in other words, chaos. At this moment, we have to decide what truth and lies, right and wrong means to us and at this moment, we bend them to our cause, to fit our needs, adding one more variable to this huge lot of randomness.

I think The Dark Knight was about this innate crisis of us human and Harvey Dent represented us, humans. What The Joker and The Batman represented were two extremes of this scale, the ‘-x’ and ‘+x’ of the graph. The Joker being the ‘Agent of Chaos’ and The Batman being the standing force.

I don’t think above paragraph makes much sense. I’ll rephrase. As an average human, we change, we let the world change us because we are trying to fit. Our definitions change with time and situation, the ultimate result being ‘nothing is right’ and ‘nothing is wrong’ or ‘everything is right’ and ‘everything is wrong’. An infinite versions of right and another infinite versions of wrong. Joker stands at the end of this curve where those infinite numbers of right and wrong merge to form nothing. There is no conclusion, as is the character of Joker. Batman marks the start, a man with one solid unaltered, incorruptible soul, an absolute, a form of a fact. What the movie depicts is the result of the act, as the joker states:

“when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”

i.e. Chaos. In the end, the truth is bent for a better world while the forces still remain in conflict.

I had stopped changing myself to fit better long back, trying to find an answer to what might be right and what might be wrong. But it wasn’t until this moment when I realized why it felt more peaceful living in my own absolutes than trying to find answers.  I believe it is because you don’t become who you are after deciding who you are, but when you refuse to diverge. When you are strong enough to bend the world around you, not the truths, or the wrongs, and most importantly, not let the world bend you. It is when you have stopped fighting that continuous process of change, have become immune to it, you become who you are, an absolute.


2 thoughts on “Batman or Joker?

  1. i understand that its more peaceful to be the way we are, but if you don’t change to fit, maybe you are not adapting and then there will be the sheer force of the commonwealth turning against you, the only way out of this situation is to become someone who can face severe resistance and has little or nothing to loose.

    Note that the Joker was more effective in every sense not due to the fact that he predicted other’s move or because his agenda was to unleash chaos, it was because he could push things to their limit without a fear of the system or the turn of events whiplashing onto him.

    just a thought:maybe this is not what you wanted to state, but it seems that stopping to change(hence stopping to adapt)can cause resistance from the existing sytem

  2. Wasn’t batman the same? He refused to bend to joker’s attempts. I think you reach that phase in life where you have nothing to lose only when you become a fact, right? You will always find something to trouble you here or there; that is unavoidable. But Joker or Batman didn’t mind that trouble, because they were certain of themselves, of what they desired, which was always the same for them and they went to any extent for that one cause. Isn’t that an ‘absolute’ character? They didn’t feel a need to fit, it wasn’t their agenda. They just were who they were, from the first scene to the last. That was what caught my attention anyway.

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