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Batman or Joker?

You must have seen The Dark Knight. I had seen it for 4 times I think, until at lunch a random conversation, a random scream of words sparked a series of thoughts in my head and I decided to watch it for the 5th time. And to my surprise, I have a slightly different perspective … Continue reading

This is a rant

Yes, this is a rant. You should leave now if you don’t like complains. Although, this isn’t much of a complaint but a scream for help, for team leaders, managers and the members of the just-get-it-done-I-don’t-care-if-it-looks-ugly club to open their eyes to quality, and more specifically a world of things that are beautiful. I haven’t … Continue reading

Dogs and Humans.

There was a study published in ScienceDaily on April 26, 2007. It reported a phenomenon observed in dogs called “selective imitation”. It basically says that dogs, like humans infants, copy an action they observe, and they copy it selectively the extent being guided by circumstances. It was rather an interesting experiment. In the study, dogs … Continue reading