About Me

I (Shikhar Jaiswal) am an Engineering student pursuing a B.tech degree in Bioinformatics (sadly, a field i only partially belong), from VIT University, Vellore TN. I have a knack for learning and understanding new technologies and applying them, be it for some use or just for fun. I feel i have the right mixture of enthusiasm and energy to create a technopreneur. I often talk less but then i observe, more than one could possibly imagine. I ask a lot of questions! Yes. I do. I truly believe that ‘actions speak louder than words’. As of today, i am a Programmer, Web Developer, Designer and Linux enthusiast. I’ve worked on several Web Projects, been involved in many more and have co-founded MUN India. I look forward to learn advanced technologies (like frameworks) used in PHP and parallely expand my skills in other domains.

Current Position: Chief Technology Officer, MUN India
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shikhar.jaiswal
Twitter: @shikhar_j
Website: www.shikharjaiswal.com

Recent Projects:

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